Supporting Sustainability

Consumers today are concerned about food safety, food waste and unrecycled plastics in our environment. The Digimarc Platform helps retailers and consumer brands support more sustainable, safer and responsible stores and products.

60% Of adults said they do not know how to recycle some types of plastic packaging
9/10 People said they would recycle if it were “easier”
43 Billion Pounds of food thrown out each year by supermarkets, according to Business Insider
92% Percentage of consumers who believe brands should take an active role to increase recycling, according to the Carton Council of North America
88% Percentage of consumers in a Michigan State Univ. poll seeking to reduce food waste at home

Reduce Waste & Promote a Circular Economy

About 40 percent of the food produced each year in the U.S. is discarded, estimates show. Retailers and consumer brands who demonstrate their commitment to reducing food waste and implementing recyclable packaging win customers and positively impact the environment. The Digimarc Platform reduces food waste in fresh departments and minimizes product waste in the supply chain due to mislabeling errors on the inspection line. The Platform also improves product packaging sorting rates and accuracy during recycling, improving the quality of recyclates, and ultimately diverting packaging from landfills and oceans.


Improve Plastic Sorting Rates

The Digimarc Platform improves sorting of plastic packaging at waste separation facilities, improving the quality of the recycled material, and helping to reduce the amount of plastic deposited in landfills and in our environment. Digimarc works with leading consumer brands to revolutionize plastics recycling as part of the HolyGrail 2.0 project. We have also signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; please read about our recent progress and activities. Retailers and consumer brands can join Digimarc and prepare now for a future when smart sorting is standard at post-consumer facilities worldwide.

Educate Consumers on Package Recyclability

Retailers and brands with a mobile consumer app can utilize the Digimarc Mobile SDK to enable scanning of Digimarc-activated packaging. When shoppers and employees scan packaging it helps them better understand the recycling options for that item, including where to recycle and redemption values.

Safer Products, Safer World

Sustainability is a top priority for consumers, their customers and governments everywhere. To promote food safety, reduce food waste and address unrecycled plastics, Digimarc offers sustainability solutions to help businesses meet their corporate social responsibilities toward society and the environment.

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