Digimarc® Discover Demo Materials


Use the Digimarc Discover app or any other app powered by the Digimarc SDK to experience how Digimarc-enhanced media can connect mobile devices to online experiences.

Image Recognition

The images below can be used to demonstrate Digimarc's Image Recognition technology when utilizing the Digimarc Discover app.

Three images used as image recognition examples.

This is a new feature! To see how it works, download the latest version of Digimarc Discover, navigate to Settings, and turn on Image Recognition.

TV Commercial

You will see a demonstration of a fictional brand offering incentives to second-screen-enabled viewers. Open the Digimarc Discover app to detect multiple offers while this video plays.

Radio Commercial

See (and hear) how a broadcast advertisement becomes an interactive portal for customer engagement. Identical versions of this could play in multiple markets, each with a unique interaction.

You will see a demonstration of a fictional brand offering a special discount to listeners. Open the Digimarc Discover app to detect a special offer while the audio plays.

Multiple Channels

Engage with multiple audio Digimarc® IDs; hold your device near your left speaker, then the right. This is an example of how Digimarc-enabled audio could be used in environments with multiple speakers to trigger location-specific offers.

You will see a demonstration of a fictional retail store offering different promotions to shoppers in separate departments. Open the Digimarc Discover app and hold near the left speaker, then the right to detect different offers while the audio plays.

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Instantly connect consumers with additional online content from every brand impression. Create and manage Digimarc Barcode for print and audio media using our cloud-based service. Add the Discover Mobile SDK to your mobile app. It is unlike any other. It empowers mobile apps to scan Digimarc Barcodes, 1D traditional barcodes, and QR codes in a single, comprehensive SDK. It provides incredible performance now, and future proofs your app for what’s ahead.

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