Digimarc Discover Demo Materials

Use the Digimarc Discover app to experience how Digimarc-enhanced media can deliver a wide range of benefits, including traceability, brand protection, efficiency, and more.

Download the Digimarc Discover app:

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The images below are enhanced with Digimarc Barcode carrying unique data for specific usage. Please note that all Digimarc enhanced items are intended to be scanned when viewed at full size.

Digimarc for Packaging

The example package below carries a GTIN (global trade identification number), typically found in EAN/UPC barcodes. Scan with Digimarc Discover and tap the card that appears.

Cilantro Lime Rice box enhanced with Digimarc Barcode

The next two images of the box features Digimarc with a GTIN combined with a unique serial number. To view the full data string, download the Digimarc Verify mobile app then scan and tap the box that appears to see the data encoded.

Download the Digimarc Verify app:


View at Full Size


View at Full Size

Test Our Barcode and QR Scanning

QR Code 1d barcode

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Instantly connect consumers with additional online content from every brand impression. Create and manage Digimarc Barcode for print and audio media using our cloud-based service. Add the Discover Mobile SDK to your mobile app. It is unlike any other. It empowers mobile apps to scan Digimarc Barcodes, 1D traditional barcodes, and QR codes in a single, comprehensive SDK. It provides incredible performance now, and future proofs your app for what’s ahead.

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