The Digimarc Platform

Digimarc’s solutions help businesses in a wide-range of industries meet challenges in critical areas, such as brand protection, sustainability, traceability and much more. Digimarc’s digital identity can be applied to material and media of all kinds, including packaging, labels, audio, fabric and more.


The Digimarc Platform — a platform for creation and orchestration of automatic identification solutions – enabling developers to enhance media identification and facilitate coordination of end users and partners.

Digimarc Barcode:

Enhancing Media Identification

(Design & Production Software and Services)

Digimarc Discover:

Seamless Multi-modal Discovery

(Enabled Scanners & Detection Devices)

A Sample of Offerings:

Digimarc Verify: Validating Accuracy and Efficacy of Digimarc Barcode

How Brands Can Boost Supply Chain Efficiency

Read this Q&A with a leading supply chain expert and discover how to adapt in an era of traceability and connectivity to become more efficient and data-driven.

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History & Development of the Digimarc Platform

Digimarc began with a glimpse into the stars, and over the decades, grew to become a Platform adopted by many of the world's largest retailers, global publishers, central banks and consumer brands companies.

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