The Digimarc Platform

Digimarc began with a glimpse into the stars, and over the decades, grew to become a Platform adopted by many of the world's largest retailers, global publishers, central banks and consumer brands companies.


The Digimarc Platform — a platform for Creation and Orchestration of automatic and identification solutions — enabling developers to create digital identities for media objects and facilitate coordination of end users and partners.

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Identification: Enhancing Media with Digital Identities

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White Paper: 'Beyond the Barcode'

Digimarc CEO Bruce Davis' technical white paper, "Beyond the Barcode: Digimarc Makes Retail Operations Safer and More Profitable," demonstrates Digimarc's superiority over potential successors to the UPC symbol.

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Timeline of Digimarc History

The roots of our company begin in 1990 when our founder conducted research into space imagery. The ensuing journey has included the invention of digital watermarking, an Emmy, a Guinness World Record® and a revolutionary barcode like none other.

Digimarc Timeline