Make Every Lane the Express Lane.

Improve front-of-store efficiency and enhance the shopper experience.



  • Faster throughput with more items scanned per minute
  • Fewer scanning errors and delays
  • Easier self-checkout and better overall customer experience


  • Easy delivery of coupons, discounts and promotions
  • Direct communication channel for private label brands
  • Gain enhanced customer insights


  • Simplify your supply chain management
  • Accurately track inventory in real time
  • Minimize working capital needs, reduce spoilage

Sales & Syntax: How App Developers Will Reshape the Future of Retail

This white paper, jointly created by Digimarc and DeveloperTech, explores the evolution of automatic identification systems and how retailers, brands and app developers are revolutionizing the shopping experience with mobile scanning.

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Sales and Syntax
Product Transparency Webinar Retail

Experts Discuss Product Transparency and Brand Strategy

Experts from GS1 US, Label Insight and Digimarc explore how consumer demand for product transparency is shaping buying habits and how brands can leverage the transparency movement to forge stronger customer relationships.

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Buying Without Boundaries:
A New Chapter for Retail

As bricks and clicks converge, product packaging must work harder than ever to ensure sales wherever consumers choose to buy. Learn how to future-proof your packaging for the interactive aisle ahead.

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Retail Dive White Paper

Digimarc for Retail

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Pacific Northwest grocer adopts Digimarc Barcode to speed checkout.



What is the advantage of an invisible barcode for retailers?

By wrapping the entire product package with hundreds of imperceptible Digimarc Barcodes containing the same GTIN information found in traditional barcodes, retail point of sales (POS) systems can more quickly and accurately identify products, reducing errors, saving time, streamlining the checkout process and minimizing labor costs. The ability to easily scan bulky bottom-of-the-basket items such as large bags of dog food or cases of water, can also help reduce costs and downtime associated with repetitive stress injuries.

How does Digimarc Barcode improve front-of-store efficiency?

Because the entire surface of a product package contains hundreds of imperceptible Digimarc Barcodes, retail point of sales (POS) systems can more quickly and accurately scan products for purchase. The small time savings can have a huge impact across dozens of checkout lanes at hundreds of retail stores compounded day after day. Some large retailers have reported that the reduction of just one item per minute on average can save millions.

How does Digimarc Barcode improve the self-checkout experience?

Shoppers no longer need to search for a traditional barcode and properly present it to the point of sales (POS) system scanner. Because the entire surface of a product package contains hundreds of imperceptible Digimarc Barcodes, guests can quickly pass products in front of the scanner for a faster, more accurate checkout experience. By less frequently seeking the assistance of nearby associates, shoppers can truly benefit from self service.

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