Creating Valuable Solutions to Aid in Sustainability

May 05, 2022

The solutions we provide to our customers add tangible economic value, while also carrying immense potential to help solve broader societal challenges. We perceive this potential as an unprecedented opportunity and an important responsibility to create value sustainably. To fulfill this responsibility, we must incorporate environmental, social, and governance considerations into the characteristics and purposes of our technology and solutions, integrating ESG into our product design & lifecycle management. As our ESG Impact Report 2021 outlines, ESG considerations have always been integrated into our technology.

One example of this is our 20+ year partnership with a consortium of central banks, providing trusted technology to help deter digital counterfeiting of currency. We are proud of our longstanding ability to protect public confidence in currency, which supports the stability of our economic system.

Our technology is innovative, but what does it mean for environmental sustainability? Well, there are a couple of different places where we’re playing a role in the circular economy and in helping to create a more prosperous, safer, and more sustainable world. Take our digital watermark, for example. It is a texture within plastic packaging that can identify the materials used and their composition to aid more accurate sorting and recapture in the plastic recycling process.

From that perspective, ESG is not separate from product development. Quite the opposite – ESG integration into our Product organization is how we’ll be successful in the long term. I’m proud of owning our Product ESG Impacts and fully believe in the importance of integrating ESG responsibilities into the Product teams’ roles. Our Products are at the heart of our immense sustainable value creation potential and being purposeful in our ESG integration is the way that our solutions will achieve success in the market. To learn more about our ESG Impacts as they relate to our products and other aspects of our business, read the full report now.


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