How Product Digitization Can Help Businesses Achieve Their Goals

February 09, 2023

As more consumers expect digital experiences from the brands they interact with, businesses are under pressure to deliver. New automations and digitization abound, but there’s one frontier that’s yet to be crossed by organizations across industries — product digitization.

At its core, product digitization is about giving physical products a digital life. This digital life unlocks a wealth of information, from product provenance and location to recyclability and consumer engagement. When businesses can access this data, they can make more informed decisions and future-proof their business amid growing consumer and marketplace demand. Delaying product digitization can impede operations and make connecting with consumers more difficult in the future.

We want to help businesses with their product digitization journey. That’s why we compiled the Comprehensive Guide to Product Digitization, which will give brands a clear-cut understanding of what modern product digitization is and what it means for businesses and consumers. The guide answers such questions as:

  • What, exactly, is product digitization?
  • What’s a digital twin and why does my business need them?
  • How can product digitization specifically help my business?
  • What other businesses have benefited from product digitization?
  • How can my organization get started?

Find answers to these questions and more in the Comprehensive Guide to Product Digitization.

Get the Guide

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