New Quality Control Tools for Printers working with Digimarc Barcode

May 05, 2021

Printers who know how to print and do a quality control check (QC) on packaging and labels with Digimarc Barcode, have an opportunity to satisfy their current customers, as well as win new business. As awareness and deployment of connected packaging continues to increase in the consumer goods and private label sector, it is critical to have a quality management system to assure success.

Quality Management System for Printers

To make it easy for printers working with Digimarc Barcode, Digimarc has introduced the Quality Management System (QMS), with Digimarc Barcode validation tools, training resources and technical specifications to ensure data accuracy and quality control. The Digimarc QMS includes:

  • Digimarc Verify - Desktop: Gives print and premedia professionals the ability to validate the location and consistency of Digimarc Barcode. Find out more.
  • Digimarc Verify - Mobile: A mobile app that makes it easy for printers to validate the data in Digimarc Barcode at press. Learn more.
  • Digimarc Verify - Workflows: Digimarc data validation integrated into the Esko Automation Engine and GlobalVision workflow solutions. For organizations not using these solutions, they should utilize Digimarc Verify - Desktop software.
  • Center for Digimarc Education (CODE): We have launched a free, online learning system featuring an interactive curriculum. It contains web-based courses, videos and materials to explain file preparation best practices and quality control considerations for print production. Click here to register for a free account.
  • Terms & Definitions: The Digimarc Barcode Glossary of Terms and Definitions is a document that details Digimarc Barcode terminology used in technical specifications, software and training materials. Get the glossary.

Check out this colorful infographic of Digimarc’s QC Verify tools, detailing when you should use each of our quality control products.

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