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Understand the science of color and how Digimarc Barcode works for connected product packaging and brand images. Digimarc Barcode is a seamless part of the artwork, turning colors into codes by subtly adjusting them in a process called “enhancement.” Learn how it works in the Digimarc Lab.


How We Apply the Code

Digimarc Barcode is applied within individual color channels, or ink separations, where the changes are visible. But, the combined composite image contains unobtrusive product codes.
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How Much We Adjust the Art

The degree to which colors are adjusted for Digimarc Barcode is known as the enhancement strength. Higher strength levels enable devices to detect Digimarc Barcode more effectively.
Adjust the slider below to see how enhancement strength affects visibility.

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What the Scanner Sees

Many retail scanners illuminate barcodes with red light and use monochrome cameras that view colorful product packaging in shades of gray.
Touch or hover over the product below to see what the scanner sees in the red circle.

How We Protect Your Images

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images remains effective even through file resizing and other image manipulations, providing superior survivability for persistent brand protection.
Resize the image to see how your assets are secure at almost any size.

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How Math Becomes Art

Digimarc is developing Signal Rich art, a revolutionary advancement in design thinking. New, mathematically-derived art will give designers control over the aesthetic appearance when turning color into code. With Signal Rich art, the machine-readable code is the art, inherent in and inseparable from the design.
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Digimarc previewed Signal Rich art at Adobe MAX 2018.

Visualizations are approximate and may appear differently on paper stock or when read by barcode scanners.