Digimarc Watermarks for Digital Images

Digimarc watermarks are a powerful complement to your embedded image metadata, a unique, imperceptible digital identity applied within the color space of image assets.


Customers have positively identified over 18 million of their Digimarc encoded images in just the past five years

Superior Digital Image Management & Protection

Digimarc is machine-readable and is accurately and reliably scanned, eliminating the guesswork of digital image management and protection on the web. When applied before images enter distribution channels, such as on your website or partner sites, it can help you trace images back to the source. Adding Digimarc image identification to your existing web-surveillance efforts results in efficiency gains, reducing the manual and resource-intensive review process. For more than 20 years Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images has been trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious consumers brands and enterprise businesses to reliably identify image assets on the web.

Learn how to protect your brand through Digital Asset Management (DAM) integrations

Digimarc: A Layer in Your Brand Protection Strategy

Counterfeiter Black Market Tactics:

Use authentic product images to sell knockoffs and diverted products online
Leverage generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in order to quickly and easily list products and images on authentic looking websites
Generate image-based black market websites, making them much harder to detect through traditional web crawlers

How Digimarc Helps:

Identify misuse of authentic product images, which can serve as a clear signal of possible counterfeiting activity
Provides a unique ID to prove ownership and provenance, accelerating the time from product-image authentication to legal action
Facilitates more rapid mitigation and removal of counterfeiters’ illegal ecommerce operations; global digital copyright laws can be leveraged to send takedowns on product images, resulting in removal of infringing listings

Protect Brand Assets with Digital Watermarking

Protect your digital images using a multi-layered approach with digital watermarks.

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How Companies Leverage Digimarc

Customers have positively identified over 18 million of their Digimarc encoded images in just the past five years.

Trace Product Image Leaks

A global hardware manufacturer routinely experiences new product image leaks weeks, sometimes months in advance of their new product releases. These leaks result, not only in brand degradation, but can lead to costly competitive disadvantages and counterfeit versions being manufactured prior to release. Applying Digimarc to pre-release and embargoed product image assets empowers this customer to trace these leaks back to the source—and shut them down.

Shut Down Counterfeit Web Stores

A luxury brand runs 24/7 anti-counterfeiting operations in order to identify and deter counterfeit activities and sales across the web. Digimarc is applied to all final product images. Counterfeiters scrape the web and post authentic images on their websites to advertise illegal wares or scam consumers. By gaming Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, counterfeiters force their illegal ecommerce listings to the top of search results. Our customer leverages this information, using Digimarc codes to identify product-image misuse. This facilitates immediate legal mitigation measures.

Identify Possible Gray Market
and Diversion

A consumer-electronics company runs extensive surveillance operations focused on mainstream marketplace platforms. Authorized third-party sellers routinely offer their products in markets and/or under conditions that violate their terms. Identifying listing violations requires extensive automated and human resources, but by using Digimarc’s additional transaction ID in all of their outgoing product images, they can more quickly segment out potential product diversion and gray market sales.

Partner Compliance

An auto-parts manufacturer distributes its products—and product-image assets—to a vast network of partners, who sell them direct to consumers on their own ecommerce sites. A huge catalog of very simple product photos that are frequently updated can make governance a challenge. It’s critical to ensure partners have the most up-to-date product images and serial numbers. The manufacturer leverages unique Digimarc transaction IDs that help identify both the intended channel and other information. They can also audit partner sites, helping them comply with seller regulations.

Enterprise Offering: Image Enhancement

Digimarc’s enterprise customers have access to our entire suite of image-enhancement options.


High-performance option for customers that have an existing standalone application for processing image data, as well as C++ and image library expertise.

.Net SDK

We also offer our C++ SDK in a .Net wrapper for customers that have an existing standalone application for processing image data, as well as C++ and image library expertise.

Docker Image On-Premise API

Provides flexibility of an SDK without the C++ or image library expertise, and/or customers with a distributed system running over a network.

Adobe PhotoShop® CC

Supports low image enhancement volumes, or an in-house photography team who manage every aspect of the image work-flow from creation to deployment. Also a good tool to supplement automated work-flows.

Web Browser User Interface

For customers with low image enhancement volumes that do not have access to Adobe Photoshop. Also a good tool to supplement automated work-flows.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform

Supports customers using a DAM platform to manage their digital-image asset libraries and want to enhance images through this system, Digimarc has technical integrations with many of the world’s leading DAMs.

Gaining Control over Security, Rights Management & Tracking

Find out why Widen uses Digimarc Barcode to help its customers re-enforce their copyright, allow their images to be found online and attribute ownership against unauthorized use.

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Enterprise Offering: Image Reading

Digimarc’s image-enhancement options also have read functions to seamlessly verify Digimarc IDs in your existing workflows. In addition, we offer the following image-reading options for enterprise customers:


Lightweight tool to empower your in-house teams to read images online as they audit internal or channel and marketplace sites.

Crawling Powered by Phishlabs

A crawl service extends your reach, supplementing your existing image-search processes. It is limited to crawlable, static URLs.

Third Party Surveillance Platforms

Digimarc offers technical integrations to facilitate image reading for customers who use a third-party web-surveillance platform to search for brand images and assets.

Fighting Counterfeits: An Assault on Brand Identity

The attacks on your brand are more numerous and costly than ever. Now is the time to create a sophisticated defense strategy. From counterfeit products to diverted goods, discover how you can arm your organization with anti-counterfeiting and brand protection tools that work.

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Securing Assets at Almost Any Size

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images remains effective even through file resizing and other image manipulations, providing superior survivability. See why the protection persists.





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