The Barcode of Everything

Digimarc is the leading innovator of recognition technologies and imperceptible identities for print, packaging, audio and entertainment.

What Is A Digimarc Barcode?

Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible identifiers for images, audio and packaging that allow mobile devices, retail point-of-sale scanners and software applications to recognize media and objects with speed and precision. They accelerate check-out times, improve customer experience and empower content owners to identify their work anywhere it may be found.

How To Get Yours

How Digimarc Barcodes Work

Step 1

Create or log into your account in the Digimarc Barcode Manager.

Step 2

Select the type of barcode you need (print, audio or packaging).

Step 3

Upload and enhance your media, and you’re ready to scan! Try it now.


GS1 Jar

GS1 US and Digimarc Announce Broad Collaboration

This collaboration represents a seminal event for Digimarc Barcode, fostering better understanding and effective use of this innovation by retailers, brands, and other users of barcodes.

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London Book Fair

Coming up in April

From London to Las Vegas, you'll find Digimarc around the globe this month. Come out out and see us at the GUP Technology Conference, London Book Fair and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2016.

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Customer Stories


Digimarc's channel partner Schawk facilitates adoption of Digimarc Barcodes by consumer brands. Read More

New Seasons

Pacific Northwest grocer adopts Digimarc Barcode to speed checkout. Read More


Packaging and prepress leader, SGS, adopts Digimarc Barcode so that packages can scan quicker. Read More