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Digimarc watermarks transform your business by making common business tasks more efficient and communicating more information about products and objects.

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Boost Brand Protection

Protects digital and physical assets for greater security, authenticity and trust

Retail Efficiency

Better inventory management and mitigate risk of recalls

Promote Scanning Reliability

A digital identity repeated hundreds of times; preserving design aesthetics and promoting

Outperform Data Matrix

Deliver greater performance over Data Matrix for supply chain use cases


Implement Reliable Scanning

Accuracy matters and Digimarc outperforms alternatives by scanning more reliably compared with common codes

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Differentiate your products and attract new business with connected packaging. Digimarc provides all the software, training and hands-on experience printers and premedia agencies need to support their customers.

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Sustainability Central

Digimarc supports sustainability by reducing waste and improving the recyclability of plastics. Learn how HolyGrail 2.0 participants can start now with Digimarc solutions, and find new ways to boost sustainability across the supply chain.

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