Transparency, Traceability & Trust for Brands and Manufacturers

Consumer brands face an uncertain world of reduced consumer loyalty and trust. Digimarc Barcode delivers a better barcode to strengthen brands.


Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

Digimarc Barcode on product packaging helps brands promote direct customer communication, implement product transparency initiatives, including SmartLabel®, and improve manufacturing processes such as parts-matching systems. Digimarc Barcode is an unobtrusive element of packaging artwork, utilized by brands like Campbell’s and Barilla, for more reliable and efficient scanning by shoppers with phones and high-speed cameras. Brand managers and marketing professionals can use Digimarc Barcode as a single solution – and an alternative to cumbersome QR codes – to convey product information, mandatory bioengineering disclosures and consumer promotions while retaining the branded elegance of their packaging artwork.


Traceability Product Transparency

The reality today is that brands must provide more insight into what’s in products, and how and where they were made. People care about what they consume, and because they expect nearly instant access to information, the best consumer brands need to provide transparency fast. Digimarc delivers SmartLabel with scanning integrated into the official SmartLabel app, enabling consumers to instantly access product transparency information. Digimarc Barcode is also a USDA-approved digital technology for disclosing products containing bioengineered foods.

Increase Transparency

Inventory Management

Consumer brands need a more reliable and accurate way to collect product data in-store or across the supply chain. Microsoft integrated Digimarc’s scanning software into OneCore, the common Operating System (OS) core utilized by all versions of Windows®. Digimarc and Microsoft allow brands to better track their products through their suppliers, retail partners and third-party logistics providers. Digimarc’s barcode scanning hardware partners can help brands work retailers in support of store audits/inventory management initiatives.

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Serialization for the Supply Chain

The Digimarc Platform enables packaging manufacturers to offer variable data printing and serialized identities for brands using high-speed industrial inkjet printing systems in combination with traditional package printing methods.

Serialize Identities

Brand Protection

Ensure your customers are not presented with outdated product images or improper branding that causes confusion and erodes confidence in your brand. Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images is a powerful solution for better managing the use of images and other assets.

Manage Your Brand

Manufacturing Quality

Industry-leading inspection systems can reliably and accurately detect Digimarc Barcode in high-speed environments, helping uncover errors quickly in the parts-matching process to reduce waste, save time and money. And, Digimarc Barcode can be added to small labels on which Data Matrix codes are impractical – enabling automatic detection of parts that may otherwise be manually verified. Digimarc delivers certainty for brands and the consumers who trust them.

Manufacturing Solution 


Studies show Digimarc Barcode can improve the automated sorting of recyclable plastic waste to help reduce environmental pollution. Digimarc is committed to reducing plastic waste globally and is working in partnership with plastics industry associations and international recycling organizations. Learn more about how we help.

Improve Sorting

Multi-layered Approach to Brand Protection

Digitally transform brand assets with three key digital watermarking methods.

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How Brands Can Boost Supply Chain Efficiency

Read this Q&A with a leading supply chain expert and discover how to adapt in an era of traceability and connectivity to become more efficient and data-driven.

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