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Digimarc provides easy enhancement for any media, including print, audio, and packaging via web-based tools or software plug-ins. Digimarc Barcode enables media to be instantly identifiable by consumer smartphones, software, networks and other applications. Our detection technology is powered by low-cost, easy-to-deploy software development kits (SDKs).

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Interactive & Event-based Marketing

Instantly link your print or audio content to unique digital experiences. Digimarc's mobile software development kit (SDK) enables image and audio detection, as well as reading QR codes and traditional 1D/2D barcodes. Digimarc's mobile technology powers recognition for Shazam's Visual Shazam, Rovio's Angry Birds Action BirdCodes, and Portland Trail Blazers' FanScan.

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Digimarc Barcode in audio is a proprietary technology purpose-built for efficient and reliable detection in all environments. Our enhancement introduces an inaudible identifier for the most powerful audio metadata and broadcast monitoring technology available today.

Digimarc Barcode provides reliable detection of individual instances of content, even applied to the same audio file, with low network bandwidth. Lauded by industry experts, Digimarc Barcode exists within the audible frequency domain utilizing a spread-spectrum process. Digimarc does not utilize high-frequency watermarking or audio fingerprinting techniques, though these methods can be used in harmony with our solution.

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Digimarc Barcode in Audio

Television, radio, and in store audio can now all be barcoded with the same reliability you've come to rely on for your packaging. Connect your consumers and gather data by applying Digimarc Barcode for Audio to your audio tracks.

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Digimarc Mobile SDK

Once your packages and collateral is Digimarc enabled, it's time to empower your customers. Integrating the Digimarc Mobile SDK into your application is easy, and provides a branded solution that creates a bridge to your digital content.

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Digimarc Barcode in Print

Not everything printed requires GTIN information. Print ads, end caps, free standing inserts, and more can all be Digimarc enabled, right in our Digimarc Barcode Manager.

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Digimarc Barcode in Packaging

A connected package offers consumers all of the information they want, at the point where that information is most relevant — right in the aisle. Empower your customers with Digimarc Barcode for Packaging.

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How can audio contain a barcode?

Digimarc Barcodes can be applied to print, packaging and audio. Imperceptible to people, Digimarc Barcodes for audio can be detected by enabled smartphones and similar devices. These codes can deliver artist, album and ownership information, and can activate interactive experiences. By triggering digital content and linking to online destinations, Digimarc Barcodes connect music and other audio with the Internet for a new era of multimodal consumer experiences.

What is the advantage of an imperceptible barcode for audio?

Because Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible to people, they can be applied to music and other audio without impacting the listening experience. Digimarc Barcodes allow artists, music labels, distributors and copyright owners to convey ownership information and launch interactive experiences from live and recorded audio.

How will consumers benefit from better entertainment experiences?

With Digimarc Barcodes, consumers can enjoy interactive experiences passively triggered as a companion to live or recorded audio. This enables so-called second screen TV viewing experiences, live stats or instant access to replays for sports broadcasts and a wide range of other experiences. In addition, consumers can quickly access additional information about a song or show, buy related music or programs and learn about similar content that may appeal to them.

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