Inaudible, Digital Identity for Media

Digimarc Barcode provides technology solutions for rights holders, music labels and distributors to convey ownership and authenticity of media.

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Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Adding Digimarc Barcode to recorded sounds allows consumers and businesses to instantly identify and interact with content. Digimarc Barcode is based on advanced digital watermarking technology where the data carrier is the audio signal itself. It provides efficient and reliable detection for content monitoring systems and consumer phones, enabling direct links to audio metadata and other related information, such as blockchain. In contrast to audio fingerprinting, which can only provide one ID to one song, Digimarc Barcode can give one song multiple IDs. A rights holder that distributes a song with Digimarc Barcode to multiple music streaming platforms, for example, can therefore pinpoint the origin (source) of a counterfeited track.

Digimarc Barcode for Audio

Instantly and accurately identify content anywhere with Digimarc Barcode, an inaudible data carrier that enables automated technology solutions. Digimarc partner companies have combined Digimarc Barcode with broadcast monitoring systems and blockchain technology to help rights holders get properly attributed and compensated.

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Spread-Spectrum Process

Digimarc Barcode exists within the audible frequency domain between 120Hz to 8kHz utilizing a spread-spectrum process. This approach, combined with Digimarc’s years of watermarking expertise, renders the watermark inaudible to human listeners, but it is easily decoded by machines. The watermark can be detected within a few seconds and survive common audio processing methods, such as mp3 compression. Digimarc does not utilize high-frequency watermarking or audio fingerprinting techniques, though these methods can be used in harmony with Digimarc Barcode.

Interactive & Event-based Marketing

Instantly link your print or audio content to unique digital experiences. Digimarc's mobile software development kit (SDK) enables image and audio detection, as well as reading QR and barcodes. Digimarc's mobile technology has previously powered Shazam's Visual Shazam, Rovio's Angry Birds Action BirdCodes and the Portland Trail Blazers' FanScan.

Digimarc Mobile SDK

Media Authentication

Digimarc offers technology for copy control, broadcast monitoring and forensic tracking applications in the entertainment industry. Digimarc has developed watermark technology for copy protection in collaboration with leaders in entertainment, consumer electronics and the IT industry, including Macrovision (current day TiVo Corporation) and Philips. Digimarc’s audio watermark technology was applied to Blu-ray movies under the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) standard.

Real-Time Broadcasts

Digimarc has extensive experience with major media and technology companies, including working with Nielsen to improve the use of audio watermarking in audience measurement and expand its use in content filtering online. Digimarc formed a joint venture with Nielsen to enable consumer engagement with TV programming through over-the-air detection of audio watermarks (so-called “second screen” applications) and applied its expertise in developing robust watermark solutions to the problem of recovering audio watermarks from noisy environments.

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Emmy-Winning Technology

Digimarc received an Emmy Award® for Technology & Engineering, honoring more than 20 years of groundbreaking research and development in digital media, particularly in developing and deploying digital watermarking techniques.

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Audio Watermark Detectable on Noisy Tokyo Street

The Yunika Building near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan had three 100 square meter LED screens, the largest in Japan. Digimarc Barcode was in the audio portion of the video and the signal was detected even with high ambient noise from the street, pedestrians and multipath (echo) from the speakers on the building. Download the Digimarc Discover app and test it yourself.

Immersive Movie Experiences

Rovio collaborated with Digimarc to deliver an in-theater experience as part of the film, The Angry Birds Movie. Rovio incorporated Digimarc Barcode for Audio into the end credits of The Angry Birds Movie. When a filmgoer opened the “Angry Birds Action!” game app during the end credits, the app seamlessly identified the enabled audio and the moviegoer was granted access to a new area of the game. Download the Digimarc Discover app and test it yourself.

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