Printing with Digimarc Barcode

Digimarc Barcode contains the same data as traditional barcodes. Unlike visible barcodes that are typically applied to one or two locations on a package, Digimarc Barcode can be applied throughout the entire package design yet is imperceptible to most consumers. This resource page is for both printers with a job in hand, as well as for those looking for an introduction to Digimarc technology.


Ensuring Quality Control

If a commercial printer uses 1D barcode verification scanners to grade and verify traditional 1D barcodes (EAN/UPC), the printer will not be able to detect Digimarc Barcode. Due to the low visibility of Digimarc Barcode and its repetition within the graphic elements of packaging artwork, the production process requires a specific set of quality check (QC) tools and knowledge. This ensures that the accuracy and integrity of Digimarc Barcode is maintained throughout the premedia and printing process.

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Digimarc Barcode and Working With Files

There are a few factors printers must take into account when printing projects enhanced with Digimarc Barcode, these include details about receiving files and basic printer requirements.

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Quality Control Software

Digimarc Verify software for mobile and desktop enables you to assess quality and validate the data of Digimarc Barcode.

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Quick Tips

Don't Edit Files

Any change to the digital file requires consultation with the file provider. This includes color correction and the addition of new elements.

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Don't Reuse Common Plates or Images

Reusing common plates or images for similar designs when using Digimarc Barcode will result in multiple product codes within a single package.

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See a full list of frequent questions from our customers' printing and premedia partners.

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Quality Control Tools

Quality Control Icons

Premedia agencies add special icons to the color legends within the margins of proofs, providing printers with information about Digimarc-enhanced separations and verification tools to ensure mismatching product codes do not go to press.

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Enhancement Report

Digimarc enhancement providers produce a report that helps printers understand which inks contain Digimarc Barcode and how to verify the accuracy of barcode information.


Verifying Digimarc Barcode Accuracy

Digimarc's Mobile Verify app is a tool that enables a quick spot check to ensure there is not a data mismatch in a printed project. The app can be used to confirm the 1D barcode and enhanced Digimarc Barcode contain the same data.

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