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Retail today must be flexible, responsive to shoppers and environmentally responsible. The Digimarc Platform provides efficient and sustainable applications to meet this need.

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Modernize Your Store Operations

Digimarc provides a software and services platform for automatic identification across the supply chain, helping retailers and consumer brands support a safe, productive and efficient operational and consumer experience.

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Making Shopping Easier, Safer & More Efficient

The retail industry is experiencing unprecedented change as checkout, inventory management, online shopping and consumer habits are upended by shifting societal values and a global health challenge. In an uncertain environment, a safe, efficient and sustainable retail experience is a competitive differentiator. The Digimarc Platform, featuring Digimarc Barcode, helps retailers prioritize sustainability and efficiency throughout their operations, while supporting all store sizes and formats: convenience stores, apparel retailers, lawn and garden centers, large warehouse-format retailers and grocery retailers. The Platform’s flexibility also helps it serve all forms of checkout:

  • Traditional checkout
  • Self-checkout
  • Scan-and-go
  • Cashierless shopping
  • Associate-assisted mobile checkout
  • Convenience store checkout

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The COVID-19 Challenge

Digimarc is committed to helping grocery retailers stay safe and productive during this difficult time. The Digimarc Platform promotes touchless, more efficient shopping.

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Get Digital Scale Fast

The Digimarc Platform does not require costly investment in new hardware equipment, such as cameras, nor maintenance of complicated IT infrastructure in perpetuity; Digimarc works with your current retail barcode scanners and scale manufacturers and adds efficiencies and customer convenience at every touch point in the store.

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Flexible & Easy Checkout

Shoppers have proven open to innovative forms of checkout, though they are largely technology agnostic when it comes to the form—they simply want retailers to make it easy for them to shop and exit. Whatever form of checkout you are using or piloting, including cashierless shopping, we make it easier.

Easy Checkout

Reduce Operational Shrink

Shrink costs retailers $100 billion annually and 64% of retail shrink is associated with operational shrink, including cashier errors, waste and scan file errors. By adding Digimarc Barcode to thermal labels, you can make it easy for cashiers to scan damaged and ripped labels, avoiding the need for cashiers to manually hand key product codes that can result in errors and lead to operational shrink. And when Digimarc on packaging is used in conjunction with Datalogic’s LaneHawk LH5000, retailers can easily detect bottom-of basket items and reduce shrink.

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Smart Packaging

Easier checkout improves the customer experience and reduces cashier repetitive-motion injuries. Digimarc Barcode for Packaging ensures cashiers get a reliable and efficient scan without having to search for a traditional barcode.

Powerful Packaging

Fresh Product Labels

Research shows scanning issues are more common with fresh labels than with the UPC barcode on product packaging. Digimarc Barcode for Fresh Product Labels makes scanning more reliable and efficient, which saves time, cuts operational costs, helps reduce operational shrink and promotes accurate data in retail and logistic environments.

Better Labels

Add Code to Apparel, Footwear Boxes

By adding digital connectivity to apparel and footwear boxes, retailers and manufacturers can make it easy for shoppers to scan products in stores, linking them to an e-commerce site or product information, as well as help store associates with mobile devices more efficiently tackle inventory management tasks.

Connected Apparel

Scan and Scale Your Business

The Digimarc Platform delivers convenience, choice and control in a modern retail environment. Download a six-page brochure to discover more about how the Platform benefits both store employees and shoppers.

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Consumers Cringe at Slow Checkout

Busy consumers value time as much as money. Now, slow checkout is affecting how and where they shop. Learn how retailers can capitalize on opportunities to satisfy shoppers and keep them coming back. Get actionable insights in a free commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digimarc.

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