Digimarc delivers actionable intelligence to help support robust antipiracy strategies for book publishers and other rights holders.

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Improved Piracy Intelligence

Digimarc Piracy Intelligence is a leading solution for combating piracy of e-books and digital documents by delivering deep insight into where, when and how theft occurs. Get instant access to our reporting portal that features relevant information about websites that illegally profit from pirated works as well as reports that are easy to customize and share. Comprehensive enforcement services reinforce your rights and dramatically reduce the visibility of pirated content.


Actionable Intelligence

Understand the difference between real piracy and attention theft, and learn when and where both occur around the world.

Convey Commitment

Investing in real-time piracy intelligence helps rights holders demonstrate commitment to creators to protect content.

Reduced Impact

Dramatically reduce the visibility and availability of pirated content with Digimarc-issued takedown notices and delisting of content on major search engines – all managed for you.


Rigorous Authentication

As suspicious content is identified, our machine-learning system and trained customer-service personnel review suspected infringement links prior to taking enforcement action.

Quick, Comprehensive Global Reporting

Digimarc provides insight into online piracy and diversion tactics across geographies and languages with 24x7 on-demand reporting that features customizable reports with robust data to share with teams.

Account Management

Dedicated relationship managers support clients and provide consultative guidance to help develop and refine your antipiracy strategy.

Cognella Partners with Digimarc Piracy Intelligence

Academic publisher Cognella is working with Digimarc to ensure its titles are protected from ebook piracy and sophisticated phishing scams, and that students who purchase their materials online can do so safely and confidently.

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Understand the Culprits of Digital Book Theft

People illegally obtain digital books for different reasons. Meet the most common pirate personas and understand their motivations and tendencies in order to thwart their theft.

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