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The experts in combating piracy of e-books and digital documents by delivering actionable insights into where, when, and how online theft occurs.

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Premium Piracy Intelligence for a Changing World

Publishers, content creators and other rights holders are plagued by piracy often resulting in decreased profits and strained author-publisher relationships.

Our Nielsen study shows that Publishers lose upwards of $315 million in potential revenue to illegal downloads each year – and this figure continues to rise. Piracy protection is more important than ever. And we are here to help.

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Comprehensive Service Features

Digimarc Piracy Intelligence specializes in online literature protection and offers the most robust feature package of any digital antipiracy provider.

Pirate and Phishing Link Delisting on Major Search Engines

All authenticated piracy and phishing links are delisted from Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines, dramatically reducing the visibility of piracy and phishing scams.

DMCA Takedown Notices

We send DMCA/EU Copyright Harmonization compliant takedown notices to website operators, hosting-service providers, and content-distribution network (CDN) providers.

Machine-Learning and Search Automation

Our Deep Learning/Neural Network based machine-learning system searches the web broadly for piracy based specifically on the e-book piracy ecosystem.

Human Review and Compliance Monitoring

Our piracy-analyst team performs human verification of all piracy links prior to enforcement actions, and we monitor every link for compliance, escalating enforcement actions as needed.

Piracy Infringement Reporting Tool

A white-label reporting tool that you can embed directly to your corporate website, intranet or author portal to allow authors, staff and others to report piracy infringements to us directly.

Relationship Manager

Our expert relationship management team works with clients from ONIX-ingestion through day-to-day management of account strategy and tactics to grow the service alongside your business.

Competitive Performance Scoreboard

At Digimarc, we value transparency and aim to provide you with the best performing service offering available.

3.5M DMCA takedown notices were sent to website operators and hosting service providers in 2019
95% of our customers are the world's leading publishers
24-48 hours is the typical amount of time it takes to send notices after piracy is authenticated
40+ languages are supported with 24/7 availability
3+M publications are globally protected by Digimarc Piracy Intelligence

Gain Access to the Digimarc Piracy Portal

Our enterprise portal delivers streamlined intelligence in one convenient place so you can quickly assess which titles are being pirated, where the piracy is occurring, and the enforcement actions being taken.


Piracy Dashboard

Get access to metrics about when, where, and how theft occurs and what actions we are taking

Piracy Site Details

Learn about new threats and established infringers to understand the ecosystem and develop escalation strategies

Customizable Reporting

Filter data, build reports, and set scheduling parameters to deliver timely content automatically to your inbox

Catalog & Title Management

Access your entire title list to monitor which content is being pirated, including differences across languages and formats

The World’s Leading Publishers & Content Creators Choose Digimarc

Digimarc is trusted by the biggest names in publishing to protect their e-books and digital documents from sophisticated pirates, phishing scams, and diversion tactics online.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“With everyone moving online and e-commerce rising, we’re seeing yet another increase in piracy and phishing schemes. We couldn’t be more pleased to have Digimarc on our side, working collaboratively with Cognella to ensure our titles are protected and students who purchase their materials online can do so safely and confidently.” – Bassim Hamadeh, CEO, Cognella


“We syndicate our antipiracy needs with Digimarc. They have proved to be a valued partner, and we trust them to service our wide and varied ecosystem of piracy intelligence needs.” – Arnaud Robert, Group General Counsel, Hachette Livre Group


Cognella Partners with Digimarc Piracy Intelligence

Academic publisher Cognella is working with Digimarc to ensure its titles are protected from e-book piracy and sophisticated phishing scams, and that students who purchase their materials online can do so safely and confidently.

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Understand the Culprits of Digital Book Theft

People illegally obtain digital books for different reasons. Meet the most common pirate personas and understand their motivations and tendencies in order to thwart their theft.

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