QC Print Samples on Press with Confidence

It’s quick and easy to use the Digimarc Verify - Mobile app to validate the data in Digimarc Barcode.


Mobile App for Printers to QC Digimarc Barcode

Your retail and consumer brand clients want to solve the problem of slow checkout and operational inefficiencies by adding Digimarc Barcode to product packaging. Expertly printing Digimarc Barcode improves your overall value to these customers. Digimarc Verify - Mobile makes it easy to perform a Quality Control (QC) check on a package or label and confirm the barcode data in Digimarc Barcode and the traditional 1D barcode match.


Mobile Quality Check

It’s easy to QC the print sample right on the print floor with the convenience of Digimarc Verify - Mobile on your phone.

Verify for iOS Verify for Android

Easily Locate Digimarc Barcode

Scan the print sample with an app-enabled phone and get a visual presentation of the areas of the package or label that contain Digimarc Barcode. This makes it easy to QC Digimarc Barcode.

Fast & Free QC

There is no expensive hardware to purchase and install at your facility. You just download the free Digimarc Verify - Mobile app and start doing the quality check.


Signal Sight

This feature provides a visual presentation of the areas of the package or label that contain Digimarc Barcode.

Document QC Process

Once validation is complete, Digimarc Verify - Mobile offers the option to email a report for your documentation purposes to yourself and/or colleagues.

Complements Verify Desktop

Digimarc Verify - Desktop produces a comprehensive Enhancement Report, which features Validation Points, a series of color-coded markers to help validate the presence and location of Digimarc Barcode on a print sample. Use Digimarc Verify - Mobile to do the validation.

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