Making Checkout Easier

Product packaging and retail labels with Digimarc Barcode reliably and efficiently scan at checkout to improve the customer experience.


Improving the Customer Experience

Front-end solutions often focus on how to make checkout faster, when the more important task is to make it easier for both associates and customers. Digimarc Barcode helps checkers more easily scan packaging and retail labels to increase front-end efficiency and improve the customer experience. Digimarc Barcode is also less taxing on cashiers, reducing associate injuries related to muscle strains and overuse.

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Simplify Checkout

Packaging with Digimarc Barcode makes detection with retail handheld and fixed scanners easier. Cashiers don’t need to search for a UPC barcode, which speeds up the checkout process, reduces repetitive motion injuries and enables cashiers to engage more with shoppers.

Activate Products

Refresh The Perimeter

Digimarc unobtrusively repeats data across the entire surface of any thermal-printed label on fresh food items like meat, cheese and prepared meals. Scan faster and effortlessly with barcode data repeated across the entire label. Even damaged, ripped or burnt labels will scan.

Improve Labels

Jump Start Scanning

Digimarc offers a comprehensive barcode scanning SDK that scans Digimarc Barcode and common retail barcodes. The free Digimarc Discover app runs on the Digimarc SDK and demonstrates how consumers and store associates can access brand-generated content such as digital coupons, nutrition facts and inventory information.

Power Up Mobile

History of the Barcode

The Birth of the Barcode gave us a look at the UPC's triumphant debut, but the story doesn't end there. Our second installment in The History of the Barcode series uncovers the barcode's bumpy road to success.

History of the Barcode

Consumers Cringe at Slow Checkout

A new Digimarc-sponsored study conducted by Forrester reveals long lines and slow checkout not only damage customer satisfaction but can cause shoppers to buy less or even leave empty-handed. Find out how retailers can leverage checkout speed to keep shoppers coming back.

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