Enterprise Barcode Scanning

Digimarc's Mobile SDK for retail allows apps to reliably read Digimarc Barcode and common retail barcodes on labels, packaging and shelf edge.


Linking Up the Value Chain

The Mobile SDK includes the ability to scan Digimarc Barcode, QR Codes, UPC barcodes, and DWCODE™. Digimarc technology helps retailers, brands, and scanning apps improve efficiencies in the store, at home and throughout the supply chain.

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Reliably Scan Barcodes

The Digimarc Mobile SDK is the most efficient, reliable and versatile barcode-scanning software available. No other mobile scanning software enables a more efficient barcode scanning experience.

Mobile SDK

The Barcode of Everything®

Digimarc Barcode is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing packaging, images and audio with data that is detected by enabled devices, such as phones, computers, barcode scanners and machine-vision equipment.

Better Barcodes

Embedded Scanning

Digimarc offers efficient, reliable and versatile scanning capabilities. Learn more about how Digimarc technology integrates into scanning devices other than mobile.

Hardware Integration

History of the Barcode

The UPC barcode debuted in 1974, but its genesis dates to the 1940s, when retailers began dreaming of more efficiencies. Find out how and why this innovation gathered steam, its role in the rise of big-box retailers and why today’s barcode is enabling connected packaging.

History of the Barcode

The Three Types of Connected Packaging

How much do you know about active, interactive and intelligent packaging? Find out now!

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DWCODE is a registered trademark of GS1 US, Inc. used with permission.





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