Safe, Convenient & Efficient Retail

Overcome inefficiencies and hurdles in checkout, inventory management, consumer engagement and on the inspection line with the Digimarc Platform for retail.

The Data on Digimarc

Reliable & Efficient Scanning with the Digimarc Platform

Slow checkout is damaging shopper loyalty and impacting profits. Seventy percent of shoppers have abandoned a shopping trip citing long lines as a leading reason. The Digimarc Platform for retail, featuring Digimarc Barcode, makes all forms of checkout more capable, while also improving scanning speed for inventory management tasks—freeing employees to help customers—as well as addressing hidden challenges in fresh departments and on inspection lines.


Seamless Checkout, Happier Shoppers

Digimarc Barcode on packaging addresses the challenge of long lines and slow checkout, by making it easy for cashiers and shoppers—using all forms of checkout—to get a more efficient and reliable scan, which results in an improved experience and increased shopper loyalty.

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Better Inventory Management

Faster and more efficient inventory management practices translate into well-stocked, planogram compliant shelves and freezer/refrigerator cases. Digimarc Barcode on packaging reduces employee handling and saves time by making it easy to scan packaging, reducing time-on-task and freeing employees to help shoppers on the floor.

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Improve Management & Sales of Perishables

Digimarc Barcode on fresh product labels allows employees and scanning systems to quickly and capably identify inventory that is nearing expiration and surface these discounted, fresh items to shoppers so they are sold and not discarded as waste. Digimarc Barcode also ensures shopper safety, by identifying expired items at checkout and initiating a "stop sale."

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Reduce Product Waste on the Inspection Line

The Digimarc Platform delivers data redundancy that makes automatic identification of certain packaging components easier during the manufacturing inspection process. This reliability reduces product waste due to mislabeling and other inaccuracies, which can imperil consumer safety.

Better Identification

Seamless Omnichannel Integration

By linking your print and digital channels with Digimarc, you’ll seamlessly drive mobile commerce and support an omnichannel experience that meets shoppers’ needs anytime and anywhere.

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Efficient & Ergonomic-Friendly Checkout

A cashier ergonomic study conducted by the Exercise Science Research Center at the University of Arkansas demonstrated scanning packaging with Digimarc Barcode has the potential to be safer and more efficient for cashiers. Digimarc Barcode reduces the total number of times packaging must be touched, which helps keep everyone healthier.

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Scan & Go Powered by Digimarc

Scan & Go services enabling shoppers to scan packaging with a phone or handheld device to pay and leave without traditional checkout, are a big hit with time-crunched shoppers. Digimarc and Zebra Technologies are promoting frictionless, Scan & Go shopping with Zebra’s PS20, a Personal Shopper device that scans Digimarc Barcode to promote store efficiencies and seamless shopping.

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Get Transparent with Shoppers

Digimarc Barcode for packaging, shelf-edge tags and fresh product labels improves the customer experience by making it quick and easy for shoppers to access product data using their phones. Digimarc also delivers SmartLabel® with scanning integrated into the official SmartLabel® app.

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Mexican Retailers Rely on Digimarc for Planogram Compliance

Find out why top Mexican grocery retailers are relying on Digimarc mobile software to more efficiently and accurately manage product on their shelves.

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Consumers Cringe at Slow Checkout

A new Digimarc-sponsored study conducted by Forrester reveals long lines and slow checkout not only damage customer satisfaction but can cause shoppers to buy less or even leave empty-handed. Find out how retailers can leverage checkout speed to keep shoppers coming back.

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