The Smarter Way to Deliver SmartLabel®

Until now, brand managers seeking to implement their SmartLabel programs have been burdened with using visual codes, such as QR or UPC, as the on-pack link to SmartLabel content via phones. With Digimarc Barcode, brands can now provide a better consumer experience, free-up packaging real estate, and deliver a wide range of content and value beyond SmartLabel.

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Easier & More Intuitive Consumer Scanning

With Digimarc Barcode, consumers can more intuitively scan a larger area of the package. They no longer have to find a small scanning target which may be buried on the back panel. With Digimarc Barcode, consumers can even scan the front of the package while standing in the aisle, allowing brands to deliver a better experience to drive more product scans.

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SmartLabel Rice Box Payoff

Delivering Multiple Experiences from One Code

Digimarc-enhanced packaging can also deliver a wide range of brand content, such as how-to videos, promotion of related products, along with inspiration and ideas. The SmartLabel mobile app is designed to deliver SmartLabel-only content, as required by the program, while third-party apps utilizing Digimarc’s Mobile SDK can provide multiple experiences in participating retailer, brand and third-party apps.

SmartLabel and Beyond

Digimarc Barcode’s value goes beyond any one use case, such as product transparency. By adding Digimarc Barcode to packaging for SmartLabel, brands and retailers can also deliver other applications from the Digimarc platform, such as easier checkout and self-checkout, improved inventory management as well as supply chain efficiencies.

Digimarc Barcode & SmartLabel App

Digimarc delivers SmartLabel with scanning integrated into the official SmartLabel app enabling consumers to instantly access product transparency information from Digimarc Barcode.

The Brand Guide to Product Transparency

Here’s the “one-stop shop” for brands looking to get started with product transparency.

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A Quick Guide to SmartLabel

Get more detailed information on the SmartLabel initiative.

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