Serialization for the Supply Chain

Digimarc provides unique, serialized identities on product packaging via digital printing, industrial inkjet printers and laser etching techniques to support consumer brand traceability initiatives.

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Serialized Packaging Delivers Accountability, Reduces Risk

Product traceability across the global supply chain is increasingly essential for consumer brands and food manufacturers to promote consumer safety, mitigate risk and gain real-time insight into product locations in warehouses and distribution centers. Digimarc for packaging supports these business needs with batch-lot and item-level traceability by applying serialized or custom identifiers and additional data, to product packaging with variable data printing (VDP).


Flexible Printing Options

Digimarc serialization can be applied using digital presses, laser etching systems and industrial inkjet devices. Digimarc supports consumer brands including farm fresh produce suppliers and fresh food/beverage manufacturers that utilize inkjet systems and are eager to meet sustainability and Agriculture 4.0 traceability goals.

Improved First-Pass Read Rates

Many warehouse and distribution environments utilize assembly lines and conveyor belts to automate their processes. Identifying items on the first pass is critical to accurate, real-time, automated decision making. Applying Digimarc identities to containers via inkjet printers provides data redundancy and a larger area to scan for improved read rates. Several Digimarc customers have reported as much as a 30 percent increase in first-pass read rates over Data Matrix and QR codes.

Faster Scanning

In many business environments, manual scanning using handheld devices is critical to efficient operations. Slow or unsuccessful scanning not only impacts employee/associate productivity, but can affect accuracy across your supply chain. Controlled studies have shown Digimarc watermarks scan significantly faster than many traditional barcodes, including QR, Data Matrix and GS128 codes, saving time at every step in the supply chain.

Enterprise Grade VDP

Digimarc partners with Jet Letter, enabling Page Builder Pro software to support the variable generation of Digimarc at scale. Page Builder Pro is a highly flexible and scalable variable print solution for a variety of applications.

Traceability Partners

Digimarc partners with Internet of Things (IoT) traceability platform EVRYTHNG to help companies pinpoint the progress of products across the globe and support track-and-trace initiatives. Digimarc detection capabilities are integrated into provenance data and the status of Digimarc-enhanced products throughout the supply chain.

From Our Partners

“By digitizing each item as it is made in third-party production locations, brands achieve real-time visibility into manufacturing operations and the ability to execute track and trace initiatives at scale. Serialized Digimarc Barcode combined with the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™, creates better control of supply chain integrity, and provides the data intelligence needed to operate with more efficiency and agility.” – Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG


“All of our customers print and mail millions of documents daily using various barcodes on a regular basis. Digimarc Barcode, due to its impressive robustness and imperceptibility, will replace the use of many standard barcodes and, more importantly, will open exciting new markets for our clients.” – Tom Crooks, President, Jet Letter Corp.


“At the heart of it, our partnership with Digimarc is about innovating the digital supply chain. We live in a world of connected products and people; Digimarc Barcode and our rTS platform deliver the ‘one-two punch’ of truly optimized data capture, then using that data for real-time track and trace and to safeguard products, boost brand protection and awareness, and connect with consumers.” – Glenn Abood, CEO and Co-Founder, rfxcel


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