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Digimarc’s Planet Impacts and Operational Developments

By Charles Beck, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

We discussed our operational environmental footprint in our newly published ESG Impact Report 2021 because we know that our stakeholders see our contribution to planetary challenges as a vital part of who our company is. Our products have the potential to help solve complex problems, such as inefficient plastic recycling, but we also need to manage our impacts on the planet as we develop and deploy those solutions.

Digimarc has a relatively small environmental footprint. Our direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are limited, but we recognize that we bear responsibility for our whole value chain’s impact on climate change. Our technology relies on energy- and resource-intensive data centers and the computing power they provide, which are owned and operated by our service providers. Therefore, being mindful of our upstream and downstream GHG emissions are among the important considerations for our growing business.

Some of our recent achievements include procuring 100% renewable wind energy for use at our former corporate HQ, while also reducing electricity use by 6% per full-time employee versus 2020. Our move to a new HQ office poses challenges and opportunities regarding control over energy sources, but we’re committed to working with our stakeholders to source renewable energy on a continued basis.

At Digimarc, we are eager to promote a prosperous, safer and more sustainable world as we march toward future success, and we encourage you to follow us on our journey toward responsible leadership by reading our ESG Impact Report and holding us accountable in the years ahead.

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