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Digimarc Creates Movie Magic in The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds video game franchise — an international phenomenon — has swept the globe, earning the title of the most downloaded game app of all time. To capitalize on the game’s ever-growing popularity and dedicated fan base, Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the creator of Angry Birds, will soon release a motion picture based on the game, which is hitting theaters in the U.S. on May 20, 2016.

As part of the release of "The Angry Birds Movie," Rovio has partnered with Digimarc to create Movie Magic, immersing fans into a whole new entertainment experience. Integrating the Digimarc Discover® Mobile SDK into its latest variant of the game — Angry Birds Action! — Rovio has enabled moviegoers to unlock a new area of the game and see an additional exclusive movie clip simply by opening the app during the end credits.

"When you take the game into the theater with you — shut it off when the lights go down, naturally — stick around for the credits. When you pop open your phone again, as long as Angry Birds Action! is running — it takes less than a second — it will automagically detect that you’re in the theater and that you’ve just had your mind blown by The Angry Birds Movie."- Rovio

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More Movie Magic in The Angry Birds Movie DVD

Rovio and Digimarc have created even more magic in the Angry Birds Movie DVD & Blu-Ray release. Sync the app with the movie to unlock the Hatchlings & Mighty Eagle in addition to the content released in theaters.

Rovio and Digimarc team up

How is this possible?

The music during the end credits is enhanced with Digimarc Barcode, inaudible to humans but not to smartphones. The signal does not alter the sound quality of the original media yet enables powerful new functionality. When audience members take out their smartphones and open the Angry Birds Action! app during the end credits of the movie, the Digimarc Barcode is instantly discovered, triggering access to an expanded array of exclusive content.

Digimarc Barcodes for audio allow virtually any recorded sound to be enhanced with an inaudible signal, allowing for incredibly reliable and efficient identification by mobile apps that leverage the Digimarc Discover platform. The platform empowers brands to connect with consumers and creates multimodal experiences, increasing engagement and providing interactive, digital experiences like never before. Digimarc Barcodes for audio are designed for fast and reliable detection even in high ambient noise environments, so moviegoers loudly chewing popcorn next to you won’t interfere with your access to Angry Birds-based fun.

Rovio's partnership with Digimarc further reinforces the convergence of the digital and physical worlds to deliver more immersive brand experiences for consumers. If you're planning to see "The Angry Birds Movie," get your phone ready during the end credits and prepare for Movie Magic powered by Digimarc.

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