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Digimarc Releases Next-Generation Digital Watermarks

Updated digital watermarks deliver greater security, adaptability, imperceptibility, performance, and control 

BEAVERTON, Ore. – February 7, 2024Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies, today announced the availability of its next-generation digital watermarks featuring more advanced security and greater access control. Digimarc’s next-generation digital watermarks have also been optimized to efficiently address multiple use cases while simultaneously delivering pronounced improvements in both imperceptibility and performance.

“Drawing on Digimarc’s three decades of expertise and intellectual property, our next-generation digital watermarks deliver dramatic improvements across multiple key areas critical to our core use cases – the identification and the authentication of physical and digital items,” said Ken Sickles, Chief Product Officer at Digimarc. “Our latest digital watermarks are the most sophisticated we have developed and represent a step change in state-of-the-art digital watermarking.”

The latest improvements include:

Advanced Security
Digimarc digital watermarks leverage enhanced encryption techniques requiring an authorized private key to detect and decode, strengthening data security by ensuring information is protected in transit to and from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server).

Greater Control
Powerful new data access controls allow companies to provide different audiences with different information for different purposes. Access to the data associated with the digital watermarks can also be limited, revoked, or changed at any point and in real time.

In addition to greater control of data, companies can also limit detection of the digital watermark to specific devices or individuals (e.g., authorized brand inspectors), enabling product authentication without revealing to counterfeiters or the public that the item is protected.

With this greater control, companies can now deploy digital watermarks well ahead of activation, unlike other data carriers, making it easier to benefit from packaging refreshes, regional roll outs, and future product digitization initiatives.

Improved Adaptability
Digimarc digital watermarks retrieve dynamic data from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server), unlocking the power to deliver specific information based on context, purpose, and permissions. This adaptability also allows the same digital watermark to support all identifiers or data structures and seamlessly power multiple use cases.

Increased Imperceptibility
Our latest advancements in digital watermarking technology deliver increased covertness and more robust reading performance without sacrificing the power of unlimited data granularity.

Extended Distance Detection
Digimarc digital watermarks are optimized to leverage improvements in machine vision and inspection camera technology to dramatically increase distance reading. Recent testing by Digimarc shows the ability to read digital watermarks consistently and accurately up to 10 feet away with widely-available cameras, an important milestone that enables next-generation checkout and inventory management, in-store and throughout the supply chain.

Importantly, these improvements do not impact Digimarc digital watermarks’ unique applicability to both physical and digital assets, delivering the same capabilities whether used on products and packaging or digital images and multimedia. Digimarc’s ability to traverse both physical and digital domains unlocks unrivaled capabilities and reveals never-before-seen data critical in today’s omnichannel world.

Digimarc digital watermarks also continue to deliver incomparable reliability and accuracy under harsh or unfavorable conditions (including high-speed motion, occlusion, and damaged or manipulated items), ensuring the robustness and redundancy of Digimarc’s digital watermarks remains unmatched by other data carriers.

Learn more about Digimarc digital watermarks at, and register now for a webinar about digital watermarking with Chief Product Officer Ken Sickles and Chief Technology Officer Tony Rodriguez on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

About Digimarc

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies. For nearly 30 years, Digimarc innovations and intellectual property in digital watermarking have been deployed at massive scale for the identification and the authentication of physical and digital items. A notable example of this is our partnership with a consortium of the world’s central banks to deter counterfeiting of global currency. Digimarc is also instrumental in supporting global industry standards efforts spanning both the physical and digital world. In 2023, Digimarc was named to the Fortune 2023 Change the World list and honored as a 2023 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist. Learn more at

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