Digital Watermarks: When Certainty Counts

Digimarc technology identifies and authenticates physical and digital assets with unrivaled accuracy, speed, and scale. See how digital watermarks deliver the certainty your business demands.

Digimarc leads important conversations about technology, policy, and standards. Learn more about our perspectives on fighting plastic pollution, protecting content creators, driving technology innovation, and more. Our Perspectives

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Digitized Products Do More

Give every product an identity and connect it to the cloud for new data insights that help you run more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and operate more sustainably.

Digimarc Illuminate Platform


Digimarc Automate

Leverage Digimarc digital watermarks for efficient, accurate product inspection in industrial settings. Automate quality control checks to prevent incorrect matching of products and packaging, reduce wasteful packaging components, and utilize real-time inspection data to identify issues before they escalate.  

Digimarc Validate

Start authenticating your packaging and physical products to get in front of counterfeit threats and instill consumer trust.

Digimarc Engage

Engage consumers in a direct dialogue by utilizing QR codes or web links from every physical and digital campaign asset. Deliver contextually relevant content and unlock revolutionary new data insights about the performance of your omnichannel marketing materials.

Digimarc Recycle

Help waste facilities improve recycling by sorting recyclable materials more accurately than ever and communicate directly with consumers about how to recycle products and support your sustainability goals.

Digimarc Retail Experience

Get on the path towards retail-ready modernization. Through the application of powerful digital watermarks, you now have a way to meet the requirements of emerging retail technology systems while also enjoying several key advantages over product digitization alternatives.

Why Digimarc?

Data Carriers
Data Carriers

Leverage data carriers including covert digital watermarks, QR codes, or RFID tags for item-level automatic identification, and the precise targeting you need to better manage your business.

Actionable Intelligence
Actionable Intelligence

The Digimarc Illuminate platform offers robust data so companies can gain valuable insights about their products’ status, origin, location, and reduce supply chain opaqueness.

Innovative Leadership
Innovative Leadership

Digimarc is a pioneer in digital watermarking and cloud-based product data. With over 800 patents and a legacy of innovation supporting digital transformation, Digimarc has helped businesses across industries since 1995.

A Trusted Partner
A Trusted Partner

A trusted partner in deterring digital counterfeiting of global currency for nearly 30 years, Digimarc is committed to responsible management of our people, products, and planet.

Hear From Our Customers

David Lauren

The launch of digital product IDs demonstrates how we continue to use technology to deliver more for our consumers and ensure the integrity of our products throughout their lifecycle.

David Lauren Chief Innovation Officer Ralph Lauren

We like to think of ourselves as leaders when it comes to food safety and sustainability, and EVRYTHNG®, a Digimarc company, helped us showcase that to consumers all around the world.

Ola Brattvoll Chief Operating Officer Mowi
Gian De Belder

Procter & Gamble is proud to launch the first commercial products that integrate Digimarc’s technology with a focus primarily on improved detection in waste facilities and to help us meet our sustainability goals.

Gian De Belder Technical Director, Packaging Sustainability Procter & Gamble

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With visibility into everything, you gain critical intelligence to guide you in ensuring authenticity, reducing costs, increasing operational agility, and improving circularity at every step along the supply chain. Get started today.