Why QR Codes Are More Popular Than Ever

September 22, 2022

While QR codes have been around for a while, 2020 saw a marked uptick in usage due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to eMarketer, QR code scans nearly doubled to 25% in 2020 up from 13% the year prior. People leaned into the convenience and safety that QR codes brought. They made looking at menus, product information and getting coupons a lot easier — all without touching anything that could be contaminated. 

However, now that the world’s returning to a sense of normalcy, some have questioned whether QR codes are less urgently needed. Some brands have held back from adopting consumer engagement based on the idea that consumers aren’t willing to scan QR codes anymore.  

But the data shows that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. EMarketer estimates that QR code scanning will increase by more than 19% to 99.5M in 2025 from 83.4M in 2022. 

Consumers like the convenience that QR codes provide them, and data shows it allows them to scan products on their terms and whenever they have time. According to Digimarc client data, 63% of scans happen outside of retail stores and likely after business hours.

Brands are now discovering the opportunity associated with QR codes and how they can create better consumer experiences and boost their engagement. According to Bond, 83% will share data in exchange for personalized experiences, and 91% like it when brands give them personalized offers and recommendations. Similarly, a 2019 survey on personalized marketing attitudes revealed that 90 percent of responding U.S. consumers find company messages that are not personally relevant annoying. 

These experiences serve both consumers and businesses. For example, Digimarc® Engage helps businesses deliver dynamic experiences to their consumers based on time, place and other factors to bolster loyalty and gain deeper insights and data. This information can be used by businesses to better market to their consumers and provide them with more relevant digital experiences. Brands in every business sector, from apparel to CPG, are seeing the benefit of curating digital experiences for their consumers who crave convenience. Additionally, the trends tell us that contemporary consumers will continue to rely on QR codes for digital experiences that make their lives easier. 

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