Attacks on your brand have never been more numerous or costly. Find out how to fight counterfeiting and the assault on brand identity by downloading this original Digimarc white paper.

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Manage Assets with Intelligence

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images is a powerful solution enabling brands, rights holders and digital-asset managers to better manage the use of images and other assets throughout the supply chain and across the public internet. Combining imperceptible identifiers with complementary crawl services, customers benefit from greater insight into where brand assets are being used.

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Protection that Persists

Digimarc Barcode remains effective even through file compression, format changes, editing, cropping and other manipulations, providing persistent brand protection that is superior to visible watermarks or fingerprinting solutions.

Superior Surveillance

In partnership with PhishLabs, a leading surveillance company, Digimarc delivers crawling services on public websites for greater insight into how your brand appears to others.

Intelligence for Intervention

A convenient web-based dashboard delivers real-time intelligence about when and where your brand assets are in use, providing actionable information to help customers oversee licensing efforts and management of retail and channel partners.


Image Identification

A three-tiered crawl strategy provides broad and deep intelligence across the public web, scouring the web for your Digimarc-enhanced images and documenting where assets were found.

Client Control

Sites specifically designated as a concern by customers are crawled monthly, providing additional insight into known and suspected risks.

Easy Implementation

Streamline high-volume image enhancement and integrate into your existing workflow with an on-premise API, SDK or your digital asset management (DAM) provider.

Securing Assets at Almost Any Size

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images remains effective even through file resizing and other image manipulations, providing superior survivability. See why the protection persists.

Oh, the Places Your Images Go!

Ensuring that images and other assets are protected throughout their lifecycle is essential to managing your brand. Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images provides insight into where brand assets are being used.

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